CEO’s Message

When Latif Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 1969, the only idea, apart from being a corporation carrying out healthy business, was to touch the lives of people, as many as one cannot even fathom. After a span of around 5 decades, we can finally say that we have attained what our visionary leader Mr. Muhammad Shafique, once envisioned.
Stepping into the future as one of the top manufacturers/exporters in the rice industry, I want to convey to our consumers that LRM is all about products with better quality, superior taste and exquisite aroma. Every member associated with LRM puts in relentless effort to improve the service standard, ensuring our products reach new markets both domestically and on an international level.
LRM is a prominent player in Pakistani domestic markets and in line with the global growth strategy. We have always implemented new initiatives in sales and marketing, manufacturing, supply chain and Research & Development. We constantly aim at enhancing our market share through “Value Differentiation”.
After achieving so much in the past couple of decades, I can only assure that our journey has just started. With long term plans to transform the present stature of the company into a Global High Quality Food Supplier, we also intend to offer finest quality Rice Based Snack Foods, Wheat Products, Rice Bran Oil and a lot more.

I would like to conclude by reiterating our sole intention of serving our clients with never-ending dedication and with product quality that’s second to none. In this journey we are nothing but pleased to have world-class infrastructure at our disposal and the support and well wishes of our clients, employees and every single person who helped us in transforming a dream into reality.