Premium Quality Super Kernel Basmati White Rice – Kernel Basmati Rice

Super kernel Basmati Rice, Kernel Basmati Rice Extra long grain rice is finest quality rice produced in the Northern areas of our country.Super kernel Basmati Extra long grain rice is famous for its natural aroma and fragrance which can not be found in any rice quality produced in any part of the world other than Pakistan.

Specification Of Super Kernel Basmati White Rice
Product Name: Super Kernel Basmati White Rice
Botanical Source: Oryza Sativa
Quality Of Super Kernel Basmati White Rice
Polish Double Polished (Silky)
Milling Grade Color Sortexed
Broken Max 2.0 %
Other Varieties Max 7.0 %
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow Max 0.75 % – 1.5 %
Chalky Grains 3.0 %
Foreign Grains Max 0.2 %
Paddy Grains Max 0.2 %
Under Milled & Red Striped Max 2.0 %
Moisture Content Max 13.0 %
Average Grain Length Max  7.20 mm
Foreign Matter Max 0.1 %

Storage: Store in a cool dry place protected from light
Shelf Life: 3 years when it opened from its original sealed packing.
Packing: 1Kg – 50Kgs Cotton/Jute/PP Bags