Basmati Rice Pakistan - Kernel Basmati Rice

We provide best Basmati Rice Pakistan or kernel Basmati Rice to our customers all over the world as We are also exporting Rice to other countries.


Paddy Purchasing: Our expert purchasers select and buy only the top quality paddy from the farmers. To ensure the best quality basmati rice for our customers , testing and inspection of paddy is done before purchasing. We check the grain lengths, moisture and cooking characteristics to make sure that the paddy we purchase meets our set quality standards.

Pre- cleaning:

First the moisture of the paddy is reduced through traditional and modern methods. Then the paddy cleaners separates all impurities like dust, straw, sand and other heavy particles.


Here the husk of the paddy is removed. Whitening: The whitener is used for whitening of brown rice to white rice. All the bran layer and germs are removed from the grain.

Polishing and Grading:

The final polish and grading of the rice is done according to the customers requirement.