Parboiled rice (Sela)

Basmati Rice Exporters Pakistan (Parboiled rice (Sela) )

With the most advanced Parboiled Plant in Pakistan, LRM gives you Parboiled rice which is long and slender and when cooked doubles in length but remains thin like needles. Giving you the best taste and aroma. We are Basmati Rice Exporters in Pakistan.

Specification Of Parboiled rice(Sela)
Product Name:Parboiled rice (Sela)
Botanical Source: Oryza Sativa
Quality Of Parboiled rice (Sela)
Polish Double Polished - Silky
Broken Max 2.0%
Head Rice Max 15.0%
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow Max 0.15 %
Chalky Grains Max 0 %
Foreign Grains Max 0.1 %
Foreign Matter Max 0.1 %
Paddy Grains Max 0.1 %
Under Milled & Red Striped Max 3.0 %
Moisture Content Max 12.0 %
Average Grain Length Max 7mm to 7.20mm
Storage: Store in a cool dry place protected from light
Shelf Life: 3 years when it opened from its original sealed packing.
Packing: 50Kgs Cotton Bags